Tampa Condo

Case Study

Modest budget gut rehab, condo and FEMA restrictions, add full bath and laundry, open plan kitchen/living, increase storage space, simplicity, bright/airy ambiance and low maintenance.

A gut renovation removed 15 years of nicotine from this 1100 sf condo with a private view of the mangrove out towards Tampa Bay. The concrete slab ceiling barely 8 ft. high was artfully laminated with gypsum board emphasizing the furniture layout below while providing for power to surface lighting. The lighting design provides for varied ambient lighting, high output task lighting, and unobtrusive general lighting. Ceiling pockets house the vertical blinds that perfectly match the washable wall covering and floor tile, presenting a seamless envelope that blurs the boundary of wall and floor to achieve the perception of increased volume. Opening the kitchen up and rearranging appliance locations tripled the storage space, increased the work surfaces and improved the work triangle for two cooks to simultaneously enjoy their guests during preparation. Simple, uncrowded, proportional furnishings provide serene social space under modular mirrors that reflect the changing light and water from outside; while Karen Robertson's framed Sea Fans provide major impact and accent color direction. Wall to wall sliding panels remove the interruption of traditional doors and moldings giving greater access to the built in closet fittings. The master bedroom and bath became brighter covered in shimmery Xorel fabric that reflects the scarce daylight available from the condo association's restricted small windows. The products, palette and design details combined to deliver a luxurious accomplishment of the clients' goal.